Rene Segers


Rene (b. 1980) studied econometrics and decision theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam and accounting & finance at the London School of Economics & Political Science. In 2009, he gained his doctorate from Erasmus University Rotterdam, specialising in new techniques for monitoring business cycles and individuals' attitudes and opinions. Furthermore, Rene has been active as an entrepreneur since 2001. He founded Gibbs in 2008, together with Peter Cozijn and Stephanie La Grouw.

What motivates you in your work?
Helping people experience that feeling of “Oh, that’s how it works!”

What do you do in your free time?
I like to make music or to explore the city and discover all of the weird and wonderful things it has to offer.

Dreams for the future
To open a Gibbs office in China. In China, marketing and intelligence (maths/ICT) are two highly developed yet completely separate worlds. It would be a great challenge to try to link these two worlds.

What do you take with you on holiday?
Preferably as little as possible. Whatever happens, I do not take my laptop or telephone, and I often leave behind my camera, despite being passionate about photography.

What gets your heart racing?
A good concert, often the more small-scale ones. For example, Tord Gustavsen and Tore Brunborg at LantarenVenster in Rotterdam.

What makes your mouth water?
The delicious Pluripremiata Gelato ice cream that you can get in San Gimignano, Italy. It’s no fluke that they win the title of ‘Gelato World Champion’ year in, year out. My mouth is watering just from thinking about it.